November 09, 2008

The Grateful List

1. Having that warm holiday feeling in our home for a while now. It's awesome.
2. Feeling grateful for my mom. Over and over again. For teaching me to sew, and all things homemaking. Her devotion to religion. For always being available for that recipe or chat.
3. A husband who is excited to come home and be with us.
4. Husband who keeps his cool during irrational customer meltdowns. So totally priceless.
5. Baby starting to fall asleep without pacifier.
6. New ideas to embellish little girl dresses.
7. Snatching disgusting centipede type creature from L before it went into her mouth.
8. Not having to use heat or A/C for several days.
9. Pumpkin cupcakes. For breakfast.
10. The first snow.
11. Free pattern!
12. Husband asked for a Christmas list. Already? This may mean he will shop before Christmas Eve.
13. Popped into a local fave. It's always lovely.
14. Husband cleaned garage which means I now have a clear path to carry groceries and baby.


  1. Those are all great thing to be tahnksful for. Did you know Zac used to deliver flowers for the flower bastket boutique before it was a boutique?! Just a fun little inside scoop. The owner was awesome.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I'm hoping to use that free pattern too, it's way cute. :) I'd have to agree with your #2 even though she didn't teach me, she's a great mom!--ash

  3. I bet L almost eating the centipede was pretty funny! If they're anything like the ones in our house they are creeeepy!!

  4. and I'm grateful to have a friend like you!