November 23, 2008

The Grateful List

I am grateful....

1. L teaches me to enjoy the simple things
2. One week of pacifier free and she's still sleeping
3. Jeff takes care of us
4. We are healthy
5. Our house is warm
6. Family pics are done
7. to finish some projects that have been nagging me
8. There is real hope
9. To see these guys briefly while on their way to NE


  1. What a good week to be grateful. This time of year makes me so happy! Love the family pictures too. I dont think your daughters hair could get any cuter!!!

  2. You guys are a cute family! Those pictures are way cute!

  3. Love this post and the new name of your blog! You guys always end up with such great family photos! I'm totally envious! It was good seeing Jeff the other day while he was running his route. It's always fun to chat with him!