November 02, 2008

The Lovely List

1. Holding L until she falls asleep.
2. Swinging in the park.
3. Gab session with seasoned mothers. I prefer older friends, really. There's no competition.
4. Old Navy bargains for L's seriously deficient wardrobe.
5. A few new recipes from friends and family. YUM!
6. Getting things off my chest.
7. A husband who really listens.
8. this pattern for baby. That pleated skirt is darling! {p.s. haven't purchased. just want to}.
9. L's laughter when I spilled hot chocolate all over the floor. Continued laughter as she watched me on my hands and knees cleaning it up. (I wish she could talk so I could ask her what is so funny). MY laughter when she wiped out in the spilled hot chocolate (don't worry. I checked for injuries first. Ok, maybe during laughter).
10. Canned thirteen pints of chicken.
11. and 8 pints of chilli.
12. RedBox gave us a free movie when hubby called to find out what would happen with DVD I left in grocery cart.
13. Thank you, Good Samaritan who returned movie instead of adding it to their collection.

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