November 04, 2008

The real world

Lest you think it's ALL loveliness around get to check out my crap list:

1. Had a few too many awkward and/or irritating conversations with ward members last week. Actually, since moving here. Not impressed. Not connecting.
2. I want to return to the midwest (refer to #1)
3. My former fat pants are busting at the seams.
4. My shop has come to a screeching halt. Total bummer.
5. I'm wondering if I'm the crazy one (refer to #1)
6. I'm developing a complex (refer to #1)
7. uh....

Funny, I'm having a hard time remembering what else is on my crap list. Maybe the good report is paying off.
Now.....must. read. good. list.


  1. I would blog about all the awkward/irritating conversations I have with ward members except that I have a few nonmember friends who read my blog and I don't want them to think we're all crazy!

    I don't believe you have any fat pants!

  2. The midwest? It's too far. Why not just move to our part of Orem?