December 13, 2008

Christmas Stills: Day 13

No stills today. I'm running out of ideas and not caring. How about some Christmas confessions:

1. Least favorite Christmas songs: "Little Drummer Boy" and that annoying chipmunk one. Ugh!

2. My faves:
Silent Night, Enya
Ava Maria
O Holy Night
Last Christmas, George Michael
All I want for Christmas, Mariah Carey
Anything Bing Crosby
Anything Harry Connick Jr.

3. We always got practical gifts growing up. I hated it. Socks, deodorant, toothbrush, your own box of cereal, an orange. I always wanted clothes. And yet I find myself wanting to fill our own stockings with those very items. Stockings are just tricky for me. I never can figure out what to put in there. Leave a comment if you've got it figured out.

4. I can't remember when I found out the truth about Santa.

5. I always save the photos we get and put them in an album that I pull out each Christmas.

6. Last year I didn't have a single present to open and I totally did not care. I know, it's surprising to me too. It's not a sob story....mostly because of new baby and I didn't want Jeff to leave me just to shop for some dumb presents.

7. I always buy my Christmas stuff at the end of each season when it's 75% off or more.

8. I've never peeked at my presents. Have you?


  1. It was the one time a year we got candy from my parents, in our stockings. And chapstick and smelly soaps and shampoos. practical stuff, too. new bath toys for babies, cologne for hubby, oh wait, that's in the toiletries section. coloring books (hubby might enjoy that too) always an orange in the toe, i think the purpose of stockings is for parents to restock the bathroom cabinet! Outside of the medicine cabinet, I've done beanie babies, crayons, special candies, CD mixes/music, plastic harmonica or slide flute, silly bendy straws, coupons for things, key chain w/light, new mouse (for the hubby) do something within his interests, a new hammer or a new glasses case. Anyway, I've tried to veer off the beaten path of my childhood somewhat, it's difficult. The dollar store is a wonderful idea paradise.

  2. Stockings are hard, and yes I've peeked at presents before. (but not lately). Loved the Christmas card, by the way. Thanks for thinking of us.

  3. The song is kind of annoying, but I have to admit, that I always love hearing the Chipmunk song. :)

  4. This is the first time in a long time I have been able to comment on your post. I'm not sure why. Christmas is not Christmas without Andy Williams. Shows how old I am. When funds are limited we always stick to the practical. That is the Grandma Johnson in me. But I like practical. One of my favorite presents was 2 x 4s and sheetrock to start finishing the basement. I believed in Santa till the 4th grade because one year he came to our house when we were living in the basement. Mom and Dad were just as surprised as we were. He left presents. Years later I found out he was my Uncle Bing who was the blacksheep of the family. He was always a little drunk at family parties but the neatest memory I have was when he was dying of some alcohol induced disease, (he had gotten his life together and was back in church), we went to his home and brought him presents and sang Christmas songs and told him how much it had meant when he played Santa to us.That sounded a little weird but I hope you got the idea. I have only peeked once at presents and it was when Grandpa was building something for me in the garage. And Nancy I think you still peek.

  5. So...Nancy. Time to fess up. Are you a peeker or not? (tee hee hee)