December 18, 2008

More Christmas at our house

I still haven't finished that other needlepoint (don't judge) or decided what photo to put in empty frame (upper right). These things take time, you know.

hope to get a new addition to the kitchen table for Christmas....or some bar stools for my bday (Feb). Oh, I have such high hopes for our space. Been drooling over roman shades these days also.

she thinks she is going to get to play with the digital camera. yeah right!

having some morning chill time by the tree

origami wreath

$5 antlers from pottery barn clearance last year.

Jeff says this pillow reminds him of Liza Minelli.......huh???


  1. Your home is beautiful, and how cute is that baby?!

  2. Stinkers is getting so big!I miss her.

  3. Thanks for the pictures. You are making it look so homey. And Lauren is a doll.

  4. Cute place! I dont think I've ever seen pictures of your house. I love your decorations though.

  5. I'm immediately coveting your house. It's too cute. I love the decor (the Christmas AND everyday stuff)

  6. I'm with your hubby--Liza would totally wear a sequined top that looks like that pillow.

    But I do love the pillow. I really do.

  7. I hope all your Christmas stuff is going well. Your house is way cute!

  8. your home is so pretty!

    i love that blue wall. and the butterflies, too...

  9. thanks for your nice comment on my chair!

    and p.s.
    your house is darling!