December 31, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

I bought one of these chairs (thank you, thank you loving, supportive, perfect husband who also understood the amazing price was a must act). It arrived today and I'm feaking out (in a good way). Is it wrong to love something so much? I don't care. It's mine and I will love it forever.

Just read this little snippet from the website:

"How many gliders have you seen in friend’s living rooms? An Eames RAR is something that can be with your family for years to come, perfectly suited to any room of your home. Unlike other unsightly gliders, this rocker will find a useful place in your home long after those 3:00am feedings are a thing of the past. This is one of those products that perfectly demonstrates how great design can evolve with the ever-changing needs of your family".

Aww. {Big sigh} My sentiments exactly. I think I have a tear in my eye.

P.S. not my photo. not my daughter. But....MY chair. Woohoo!


  1. uhhh, lucky. after christmas prices? they're the best.

  2. You're too funny!
    Cool chair though.

  3. i really really want this as well. thank you for posting about this great find. i think i may have convinced my husband as well. im crossing my fingers.

  4. How comfy is it?!? It looks very cool.

  5. Adorable. I'm jealous.
    Well worth the money!
    (and amazing taste you have)

  6. It's decent...not blow your mind comfy or anything. It has a low back which is not great for someone tall like me. I read somewhere that the Eames original was for children. Makes a lot of sense when you sit in the chair.

  7. WOW! love that chair! i am so jealous! Where did you find it at such a good price?

  8. hi leslie.

    i'm thinking of getting this chair because it just came back in stock.

    how do you like it?
    is it a bit small? i'm thinking my husband will think i'm crazy for buying it... he's tall and may not fit...

    let me know what you think!