December 18, 2008

The Tree

More pics later, but here's this year's tree.

I'll give you one guess why there is no decor on the bottom. Next year I've got big plans and it all involves non-lethal ornaments. A couple of weeks ago L broke a glass ball in her mouth. I was still picking shards from her diaper the following morning. Scary! l want to make some of these and yo-yo garland. And try to recreate some felt mittens that I remember having on our childhood tree. My sister and I are planning Christmas in July crafting and I'll be making soft things for a family friendly tree. Every year I do something a little different. Still exploring the perfect tree for us. Yet to be found. It needs more, more, more. Jeff likes it sparse, but I want it to be dripping with Christmas.

P.S. Send your Christmas cards...I decided to make them "ornaments" this year.


  1. The kids and I made some of those paper flower ornaments. You really do need double stick tape. Regular tape does not cut it, and since we don't have any of that here, our's are quite lopsided! But the kids had fun making them. I don't think our card is going to make it there before christmas, sorry. I'm trying hard! If I hadn't ordered 50+ photo cards from Shutterfly I'd say can it and email the picture and letter, buuuuut, I made the commitment this year and that's what I'm doing!

  2. hi. i just dropped by your blog and its really cute. you have mad photo skills! i'm so impressed.