January 04, 2009

The Good Report

This week I heart the following lovely things:

1. A clean and organized house.
2. Fresh changes around the house...a new photo here, another arrangement there.
3. Lots of sewing.
4. Visit with an old friend.
5. $1.75 box of Christmas cards (for next year).
6. No more single parenting (Jeff is on his way home).
7. Several nights in a row watching chick flicks.
8. My mom's perfect timing phone call.
9. Dinner with just my sister and discussing her current projects.
10. Finally had local copy center minimize a pattern so L can wear it now.


  1. Glad you get your hubby back! Cant wait to see what you create for L next. You always make her the cutest outfits!

  2. I agree with Nancy, you have one stylin' daughter. I need to work on the cleaning and organizing of my house... It always feels so good when it's done!

  3. I hope you didn't think I was a freak talking about all my projects. I just never get someone's undivided attention! And to talk about my projects to someone who gets excited too...!

  4. no way...I loved every second.