January 11, 2009

The Good Report

1. Husband fixed our washing machine. Oh how I love his handy skills.
2. L has learned to climb our entire flight of stars....overnight.
3. Spring previews everywhere.
4. Husband's brilliant idea (see #5)
5. Sold a bunch of pre-baby clothes at local store. After a thirty minute sort I walked out with $150.
6. L ate grapefruit for the first time and loved it.
7. Seeing our dream home. Small, but modern.
8. Just for fun
9. Admitting your true feelings.
10. Being relieved of a tedious obligation.
11. Hope for a different kind of year (no, not talking about Obama)
12. Watching L snuggle her dolls and carry around a blankie. A recent habit.
13. A trip to the fabric store.....ALONE!


  1. That house is awesome! Hope you found some fun fabrics!

  2. What a week. Josh learned to climb stairs over night too. He saw my mom upstairs, and nothing could stop him. Arent kids amazing? But now is when to really get nervous!

  3. I love running errands when I don't have to hall the car seat out of the car and into the store! L is sure getting cute!

  4. just discovered your adorable blog & etsy shop...I think I need that red ruffle apron! :)

  5. I think you need that red apron too. ;)

  6. i saw you on simply lovely and your photos are wonderful, as is your blog! i love your visual loveliness links.

  7. may we have the same dream house? wow.