January 22, 2009

Woman cave

Personally, I like to read blogs that post daily. I'm a huge fan of those. I wish I could be that kind of blog right now. But instead I have been living in my woman cave (sewing room) and producing lovely things for L. I'm so totally enjoying finishing that pile of projects. I think it was a good move to restrict myself from buying any new fabric until I used what I had because I'm really accomplishing a lot. And I'm also trying to be more social....make new friends and reconnect with the old. I'm feeling much happier about life and working on creating a different kind of year for us. So this little bloggy of mine is quite boring and gets neglected. And although I have no photos to share....our life is still lovely.

Teaser: I have been taking photos....just takes a while to finish rolls of 36 when you only shoot a couple of frames a day. Maybe I'll venture to the lab next week.


  1. Blog hopping got me again! I am a Leslie too so it caught my eye on another blog. Cannot wait to see the after! Lovely little girl room. Makes me wish mine were still that small.

  2. That's ok. I tried to be that too and it's not shaping up right now. kind of had a mental/idea block since christmas. and to make things worse, i thought i'd make my birthday & 100th post coincide, but i just can't post for the sake of posting! quality counts!