February 09, 2009

Feeling the love

This weekend was pretty great. No giant extravaganzas or anything like that. Just lots of birthday phone calls and cards. The biggest shocker would be my dad singing happy birthday to me in a voice mail. Uh, that's never happened. Very cool. And our little fam went out to dinner and L screamed the entire time. Not so cool. (Note to self: say yes when sister offers to babysit.)

On Sunday the celebration continued with my brother-in-law cooking my personal request: greasy, homemade, cheesy, tacos with rice and beans. Yum! My sister surprised me with some pretty new fabrics and made the quilt I lost interest in shortly after cutting. That was a total shocker. She's so sneaky. (see finished quilt here)

I've mentioned before how I have become totally sentimental so imagine how I felt about a homemade quilt from my sister. Yeah, I love it. L is wrapped up and snoozing with it as I'm writing. Awww..... So cute.

And perhaps the sweetest thing about my birthday....my nephew handed me $1.


  1. That's awesome! The quilt is beautiful.

  2. Sounds like it was a good birthday (minus the screaming...). That quilt really is pretty! Happy belated birthday!