February 10, 2009

In progress

Browsing a blog today (can't remember which) I read the following:

"A home is not born, but made".

Mmmm Hmmm. So true! And it takes a lot of time.

Bedroom makeover is in progress......

this is the wall opposite our bed. and I've been filling the frames for months. only three empty ones left. I haven't shot BW film forever so my goal is to take some in the next few weeks. The wall used to be filled with frames all the way to the floor, but our little rascal wouldn't leave them alone.

here are some details of what's hanging.....

polaroids of L

motorcyle sketch done by husband. photo booth pics of husband and sisters back in the day

pic of husband's feet I took back in the day

my mom as a little girl

orange chair from west elm. (an after Christmas clearance score! paid A LOT less than what they are selling for right now. probably because it is not a color in demand).

cream crocheted pillow done by my mom

I moved our family picture from the hallway to this corner and I like it here so much better.

The area that I'm now focusing on.....the headboard. I have these sheets of wrapping paper (been in my stash for a while) that I want to frame up to create a faux headboard. Each sheet is 24x36" so three should do it. But I'm looking for reasonably priced frames. Not an easy task at that size. I may have to settle for $10 poster frames. Cuz I'm cheap.

fur pillows: one is from potterybarn and the other from target.

Duvet cover: another after Christmas clearance score.....from CB2

detail view of duvet cover. I looooove that is is embroidered.

as you can see it still needs a lot of work....texture, depth, detail. But we are on our way. And I was giving colored sheets a try, but I hate them (so does hubby). So it will be back to white. Please someone out there reveal their secret to keeping whites white. Because I stink at it.

P.S. I purposely did not show husband's side of the bed.....the curse of my existence. Have I also mentioned his only request for what I do to the house was an all-white bedroom. I think I'm doing a good job. It's only a tiny, tiny bit of orange. right?


  1. D.I. for frames. sometimes you can find excellent frames for SO cheap. i found so many for my reception there. then you can paint them what ever color you want. :) also, i can take any of your color film and print it black and white... if that's something you would like me to do :)

  2. I thought about that....but I also can't decide on photos.

  3. I love the white room. Love, love, love the chair, looks so relaxing.

  4. Just plain envious!
    That is about all I can say.

  5. I love your duvet cover! That's awesome. And your wall of frames is really cool as well. It looks way good!

  6. i love the cleaness of the white with pops of orange. it looks great!

  7. I think I need to hire you to come do my house. I'm hating all of my accessories lately. Blah, blah and more blah but your place is absolutely lovely!! I hit up Michael's and Roberts when their frames go 50% off but a frame that size is sometimes tricky to find at a good price. Keep up the beautiful decorating!!

  8. Yes, frames that size are still $30 each during the half off sale. Still not cheap enough.