March 30, 2009

It's settled

This living room wall has changed a million times. The upper right corner just never felt right. Until now. I guess I never considered a large frame would balance the rest. Duh!

Latest addition: tree print from west elm. But it must be sold out because I can't find it anymore.

And here's the night view:

March 29, 2009

The Good Report

1. Lots of sweet family time in NE.
2. L was a dream despite no naps and staying up way too late.
3. Still feeling better.
4. Had an ultrasound this week. Saw baby moving and it's healthy.
5. Hubs is catching up on all my neglected household chores. Thanks, dear.
6. Finished this.
7. Someone left a candy bar on our door. (too scared to eat it though. wish they would have left a note.)

March 22, 2009

I love surprises

Today is my sister, Shauna's, 40th birthday. We flew in to Omaha last night and surprised her at dinner. Finally, I can talk about it on my blog. We booked our tickets in January and I've been dying all this time trying to keep it a secret.

****See you next week with the photos from our trip home.

March 21, 2009

The Good Report

1. The neighbors were willing to talk to me while sporting my morning sickness look on family walk.
2. Neighbor run in turned out to be quite the nice chat....I think we are going to be BFF's
3. A blog after my own heart. The hubs and I dig a good sandwich.
4. A whole week of 60 degree weather. Suh-weeeet!
5. My morning sickness is taming. Not great. Just better.
6. Windows rolled down. Blasted a great song on the radio.
7. Great prices on pantry basics (favorite grocery store does it again)
8. The perfect fresh pineapple. Sweet. like candy.
9. Finally got a good roast chicken in the crock pot. Tender, tender, tender. Cooked all day in chicken stock. Success!

March 20, 2009

Pretty in Purple

Another family pic possibility. This color would look awesome against the pink blooms. And it's baggy enough to accommodate growth. I likey!

from the Gap

and L can wear something eyelet

That Lauren Hutton

I was really wanting to wear a dress for this year's family pictures, but I can't get this outfit out of my head. Super Cute!!! Not sure if it would work with a belly bulge though. The search continues.

P.S. I have a multi layered gold easy it would be to tie a black bow on.

March 15, 2009

The Good Report

1. A favorite restaurant reopened. Funghi is my my death row meal.
2. Discovered I had a larger film stash than I remembered.
3. L is healthy.
4. Lots of emails and support from other moms who know how I'm feeling.
5. Some very nice days. Spring is coming.
6. Girls scout cookies at Sam's club. Stashed in the freezer until I feel like sweets again.
7. My throat doesn't hurt anymore.
8. Watched Australia and loved it.

March 08, 2009

The Good Report

1. A little perspective....and real funny too.
2. Tatiana is finally GONE.
3. A couple park days with L.
4. Arranged a little trade with one of my favorite etsy shops. She got a little dress and I got some prints I've been wanting for the house. I love to trade. Got some goods?
5. Fresh haircut makes me feel cute again.
6. Husband scrubbed the tub so I could soak.
7. Rediscovered the benefits of an eyelash curler.
8. L loves Enrichment night (our church's ladies night). She gets two hours of play with new friends and new toys. And I feel like a normal person again.
9. Pharmacist at my favorite grocery store spent twenty minutes with me helping with my pregnancy ailments.

March 04, 2009

Lauren likes....

....mooching food off our plates
....pulling her neatly organized clothes out of their drawers
....pulling my neatly organized fabric out of their drawers
....taking baths
....carrying her blankies around
....sitting on her dad's lap when he's on the computer
....exploring the fridge soak herself with her sippy cup
....swirling her tiny hands in the toilet
....destroying the house
....saying "hi"
....playing with cell phones
....staring at herself in the mirror
....gazing at pictures of herself
....holding one cracker in each hand
....tearing pages from magazines
....watching videos of her cousins on the family blog

P.S. I'm pretty sure this is not interesting to anyone besides me, but I just had to have it recorded somewhere.

March 02, 2009

I've died and gone to heaven...

While in the midst of my morning sickness woes I came across a bright glimmer of hope...of lovely things to come.

Dearest Daughter,

You're only one, but get ready. You will be dressing like this. Maybe not on a daily basis. But whenever we have a reason. Oh yes! Like visiting Aunty Em's new chickies. Grocery store. Play dates. Ok, maybe not. But we'll find a reason.

Your mom

P.S. stop smearing your dinner all over yourself and your high chair and the walls. This wardrobe is going to be tricky.

ensembles by Phillip Lim (my new BFF)

March 01, 2009

The Good Report {Pregnancy Edition}

Baby #2 is due in October. Maybe you are one of those gals who feels better than ever when you are with child..... just a teensy bit tired, but certainly not dry heaving at every turn. Lucky (and did I mention I hate you). I'm trying to focus on the something good while in the depths of morning sickness hell. Not an easy task, but here goes:

1. least I can get pregnant.
2. Eating every two hours (in hopes of stifling yucky "I'm going to hurl" feeling). Actually, not as fun as it sounds. Moving on to #3
3. No trouble sleeping.
4. Excitement from friends and family.
5. I can't stomach sweets/candy/dessert which is good for general health. Trust me. This one only happens during pregnancy.
6. Kindness of strangers will begin as soon as my belly is obvious. People really love pregnant ladies!