March 21, 2009

The Good Report

1. The neighbors were willing to talk to me while sporting my morning sickness look on family walk.
2. Neighbor run in turned out to be quite the nice chat....I think we are going to be BFF's
3. A blog after my own heart. The hubs and I dig a good sandwich.
4. A whole week of 60 degree weather. Suh-weeeet!
5. My morning sickness is taming. Not great. Just better.
6. Windows rolled down. Blasted a great song on the radio.
7. Great prices on pantry basics (favorite grocery store does it again)
8. The perfect fresh pineapple. Sweet. like candy.
9. Finally got a good roast chicken in the crock pot. Tender, tender, tender. Cooked all day in chicken stock. Success!


  1. Send your warm weather east please.

  2. I'm love this warm weather. Although I hear it's supposed to snow... Fresh pineapple is delicious!

  3. i wish your morning sickness a quick kick out of your life!

  4. I'm glad the morning sickness is getting better!! You often mention your favorite grocery store - what is it out of curiosity?

  5. Hey Congratulations! how exciting. I miss your posts..hope you feel like yourself soon.