March 04, 2009

Lauren likes....

....mooching food off our plates
....pulling her neatly organized clothes out of their drawers
....pulling my neatly organized fabric out of their drawers
....taking baths
....carrying her blankies around
....sitting on her dad's lap when he's on the computer
....exploring the fridge soak herself with her sippy cup
....swirling her tiny hands in the toilet
....destroying the house
....saying "hi"
....playing with cell phones
....staring at herself in the mirror
....gazing at pictures of herself
....holding one cracker in each hand
....tearing pages from magazines
....watching videos of her cousins on the family blog

P.S. I'm pretty sure this is not interesting to anyone besides me, but I just had to have it recorded somewhere.


  1. i needed to know... thank you. :)

  2. sounds very familiar. j. now moves furniture to reach the unreachable shelves.

  3. Your list provided me with some entertaining mental images. I'd love to see her play in the toilet!

  4. Hopefully you keep your toiled clean... (at least as clean as a toilet can be...) She sounds like she's developing quite the personality!

  5. Yeah, that is all pretty normal toddler stuff. But it is still fun to remember it.

  6. Oh that is so so cute! The last two make her sound like quite the little narcissist. :) jk