April 30, 2009

Seriously ??????

I spoke too soon. L's got it comin' out the other end today. HELP!

April 29, 2009

It's a Miracle

I can't believe it after the week we've had, but we're actually going to take some family pictures in a few days. The tree I've been eyeing suddenly bloomed so we have to act fast. Those flowers don't last long. And our trusty photog said yes even though it is last minute.

Our outfits are ironed and ready to go and I can't wait. So why the miracle? Poor Jeffy and L were puking their brains out for a good 24 hours. It was like a horror show. No joke. I had to dig deep and be nurse to my two faves. But everyone is back to normal now. And I feel confident that my prayers to the heavens (happening a lot lately) have been heard and nasty bug has passed me by. (Quick. Someone knock on wood.)

This year's photo: think PINK.

Any tips on how to get a toddler to leave a large accessory in her hair? It's way too cute to let go.

April 26, 2009

The Good Report

1. Pulled out the camera and snapped a few pics this week.
2. Looking forward to reuniting with my sibs this summer.
3. Online bill pay continues to be a fave.
4. Can't wait to see what comes in the mail for the fabric swap.
5. Church was awesome. I feel renewed with better perspective. And the nursery invited Lauren in for a visit. It was a totally different Sunday.
6. Found missing light meter.

April 22, 2009

Hate mail and Love letters

Dear Morning sickness,
You win. I give up. I'm waving a white flag already. Now leave me alone.

Dear Snow,
You're unbelievable. And I don't mean that nicely.

Dear Facebook,
You were fun for a brief moment. Now....I think you're dumb.

Dear American Idol,
Why have I suddenly lost interest?

Dear Baby L,
Sit, jump, or stand on my stomach one more time and you're banished to your room. Forever.

Dear J Crew,
Free shipping is hardly enticing when I have to spend $150.

Dear Earth Day,
I will never give up my paper towels. Never ever ever. You'll have to pry them from my cold, dead hands.

Dear Blog/fabric store/sewing room/camera,
I'll return. I promise.

Dear Sleep,
You're my BFF.

Dear Photo Lab,
I'm so excited about the new paper.

April 19, 2009

The Good Report

1. I might be feeling a little bit better every couple of days.
2. Stumbled across this glorious gem. (Great site for kiddie clothes inspiration).
3. I seem to be avoiding catching Jeff's bronchitis. My pleading to the heavens must have worked. Guess I should have pleaded for him too. :)
4. Again.....we're grateful for modern meds (see #3). And some killer health insurance.
5. A large tax refund!
6. homemade banana bread
7. Photography documentaries all week on Ovation
8. The hubs took L to the park and I got to stay home and enjoy the alone time.

April 13, 2009


This is one of a handful of photos I took on our trip to NE. Kind of sad, but not really because we were all just in the moment. We weren't there long enough to do family pictures at the Old Market (cool midwest spot). That was a bummer. Next trip I guess.

Anyhoo......L was obsessed with my niece's dog, Mason. She loooooved him. I was a little freaked out by her sticking those tiny fingers in his mouth, but he never chomped down. Good dog!

April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

maybe I'll take some photos of the family festivities today. and maybe I won't.

The Good Report

1. Jeff got his beloved motorcycle back after all those repairs and a much anticipated update.
2. Had to shout "amen!" to this post . Life is mundane. I really want to make it special baby L and baby #2.
3. I actually sewed something this week. An Easter dress for my niece.
4. Our little town is going to start curbside recycling in June. FINALLY!
5. Napping when L naps is quite nice. And I can still sleep 10 hours a night.
6. And because it is Easter.....
check out the peeps diorama contest. I feel a family tradition coming on. Seriously.

April 11, 2009

snippets from my favorite place

love this girly, pink pillow. but not for $100.

Flower Basket Boutique

April 10, 2009

I took these a long time ago...

(before I felt like crap)

She's changed since then. That top is now slightly snug and her hair is too long to do the mohawk. At nearly 16 months she's finally starting to fit some 12-18 months clothes.

April 05, 2009

The Good Report

This week I'm grateful for the following lovely things:

1. Modern meds.
Bring it!

2. A great OB.
who totally gets it.

3. A husband that picks up the pieces.

4. Baby L's demeanor
She's so cheerful.

5. My sister.
Willing to watch L at a moment's notice. And pick her up! Puh-leeze! That is amazing.

6. Hope.
It can only get better, right?

7. Any food that sounds good and tastes good.

8. Shout outs
A cute blog mentioned my aprons.

9. General Conf
This girl can use all the emotional strength I can get these days.

10. A little extra effort
Actually prepared some sweet surprises for Easter. It's been a while since I put much into making things special around here.

11. Artsy friends
check out this cool new project