July 12, 2009

The Good Report {Family Reunion Edition}

1. No one got injured, died, or drowned (nearby creek).
2. Late night chats around the campfire.
3. Cool days and even cooler nights.
4. L travelled great. and slept great.
5. My mom went on rafting trip with us. (she is not fond of the water)
6. Foot rub from my niece.
7. The cabin was huge!
8. 33 people in one place. We survived it.
9. No one complained about ridiculous amounts of photos.
10. Lots of help and people to entertain L.
11. A reunion actually happened. It's a miracle.

The best thing about being home: sleeping in our own bed.

1 comment:

  1. Can't wait to see the pics! :) I know what you mean about the bed, that's always what I miss most too!