April 13, 2009


This is one of a handful of photos I took on our trip to NE. Kind of sad, but not really because we were all just in the moment. We weren't there long enough to do family pictures at the Old Market (cool midwest spot). That was a bummer. Next trip I guess.

Anyhoo......L was obsessed with my niece's dog, Mason. She loooooved him. I was a little freaked out by her sticking those tiny fingers in his mouth, but he never chomped down. Good dog!


  1. thats such a great pic leslie!!!!! and who would've guessed L being a dog lover.

  2. Other than the shedding, Mason is the perfect dog. I just wish I liked dogs...

  3. Mason really is a good dog. I guess 5th times a charm! (fish, dogs, & cat) I couldn't ask for any better. He gets me the newspaper - that's all I care about of his tricks.