May 03, 2009

The Good Report

1. It's May!!! I couldn't be happier.
2. Located some sweet items for family reunion festivities.....locally (no shipping charges).
3. Purged, cleaned, and organized some of the darkest corners of our home.
4. Expecting a drastic difference in pregnancy. C-ya later morning sickness. (is anyone else tired of hearing about it? ya, me too.)
5. Claritin D. I'm in love.
6. The hubs finally got rid of ancient computer equipment taking up way too much counter space. (see #3).
7. Cute new fabrics joined my stash.
8. Thanks to kind stranger who said yes to letting us invade their yard for our family pic.
9. Thanks L for keeping lovely accessory in your hair.
10. Thank you, thank you GORGEOUS weather!
11. Thanks to pregnancy voluminous hair is beginning. (My favorite part of being pregnant!). Last year I had just lost it all.
12. I'm so lucky the hubs cooperates with picture time.
13. The hubs hasn't had any Dr. Pepper for six days.
14. Despite her now week long stomach bug (that doesn't seem to be getting any better) L is mostly pleasant.


  1. Good Job J. on the DP. I too am trying to get off the Cherry Coke, and mostly I am doing good, although I think I had one last week. It was good---but it had been a number of weeks since the previous one.

  2. Dr. Pepper detox is the worst. Been there, done that. Can't wait to see your family photos!

  3. LOVE the fabric and your chic style; your frequent cleaning/organizing kicks inspire me; and I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN about pregnancy and hair (I've been shedding like an Irish setter for weeks now...)

  4. Really cute family pictures. I love the pink and the blossoms. Tell Jeff "hi" for us. Haven't seen him in a long time.