May 10, 2009

The Good Report

1. Hubs and I took turns going to see X-Men at local theater. It was awesome.
2. No more fountains of poop coming out of L's tiny hiny. It's been a great week.
3. Found a maternity swimsuit for $16. This year: royal blue.
4. Lydia who I haven't seen in 7 or 8 years (maybe more) stopped by with her family.
5. Perfect weather. And I mean perfect.
6. I'm feeling soooooooo much better. Woohoo!
7. Still no Dr. Pepper for J. I'm so proud
8. $1.50 milk at Walmart.
9. Yesterday I took a two hour nap while Jeff and L walked the golf course and threw rocks in the stream.
10. Finally got some bar stools for the kitchen (mother's day present) that are way more comfy (and cheaper) then the ones I originally wanted.

when you have a minute check out the photos of this birthday party. Wowza!

SIDE NOTE: Every day there is a new mystery smell in our house that I can't find the source of. Pregnancy nose is a killer.


  1. LEs...where did you get your suit at?? I'm in the hunt for one

  2. Glad you are feeling better and you got to see my sister. She meet up with friends from years ago the same day I did with a friend from high school. Ha ha - life never ceases to amazing me!

  3. I got the swimsuit from Old navy.

  4. I can't find the one I got....because the bottom was only $3. But everything is on sale. here's the link

  5. That is quite the "little" bday party. We are going to have a garden party for B's bday, but it won't be quite that extravagant, although she would love those fun skirts all those girls were wearing.

  6. X-Men was great! That birthday party looks pretty awesome. I love those big flowers!

  7. Hugh Jackman is H-O-T! Good job, Jeff! Keep it up!