May 31, 2009

The Good Report

This week I dig the following:

1. A nursery leader who doesn't mind letting L cry it out.
2. Meeting J for lunch in the park.
3. These jumpers. They finally fit L
4. More great little girl clothes. I'm so copying one of them.
5. Havarti cheese. Mmmmm


  1. i am in love with those little organic clothing and your awesome jumpers.

  2. i'll need so see some good pics of L with these cute jumpers on!

  3. I love #1 too! I think it's the ONLY way Lincoln ever got use to going, because they let him cry it out! Now he waves bye to us at the door! :) How many weeks has she been going?

  4. I love the jumpers! I want to see pics of L in them!