June 02, 2009

Anniversary dinner

Usually we go to the restaurant where we had out first date, but I wasn't feeling it (pregnancy craving). I was dying for an old favorite. Pesto Raviolli. Oh yes!

maybe I should call this post "Ode to Coke" because I love Coke. too much.

We brought L on our anniversary dinner even though Em agreed to take her. Jeff and I still hate the thought of leaving her, but we both really need to get over that because toddlers are not good for dates. And she distracts me from my photo taking (hence, no photo of that pesto raviolli). And so my photo story is incomplete.

Must. use. babysitter.


  1. I'm guessing that baby #2 will cure you of that dilemma. Then any offers of babysitting will be gladly taken.

  2. Oh man, I'm loving Coke too! Especially a Coke Icee! Good thing I don't live near a 7-11, but Burger King works too! ;) Lauren looks much older then I remember! Still LOVE her hair!

  3. Babysitter = Happy Dates!

  4. I agree with Renae. You'll get over the not wanting to leave her real quick with #2!

  5. What year is it for you guys? I love Ottovios. I know what you mean how it's hard to leave the baby (or toddler, in this case)