June 14, 2009

The Good Report {Summerfest Edition}

This weekend my two favorites and I spent the evening at Summerfest. Beginning with a parade (more on that later), then some deep fried oreos, glow sticks for the little one, and finishing with fireworks.

Thank goodness Orem knows how to do parades because the first year my sister moved here we decided to go to Provo's 4th of July parade. And we were horrified by it's lameness. How could the parades we grew up on in small town, NE be a million times better? I'll tell you why......

Reasons why PROVO's 4th of July parade needs help (my letter to city pending)
1. Way too many local businesses driving a car with a lame sign. We don't care. You are boring. And fancy cars aren't floats.
2. No one throws candy. Unbelievable.
3. Several minutes pass in between each float, marching band, lame business car, etc. Provo has some serious organizational issues.
4. Last way too long. (see #3)
5. Starts way too early in the morning.
6. It's hotter than hot. Even that early in the morning.
7. And again....no one throws candy.

Why the OREM parade is better
1. It starts at 7 PM. (that's right....an evening parade)
2. Lots of freebies/candy. For example: t-shirts, water bottles, balloons, balls, coupons for more free stuff at local businesses, A local grocery store gave out real sunflowers, apples and oranges. And did I mention all the candy? Lots of it. The missionaries threw ties in to the crowd. Hilarious. More candy. And more t-shirts.
3. Local businesses are required to have something more interesting to look at than lame sign and fancy car for entry (that would be a float).

Good job, Orem city! I will now be attending Summerfest every year.


  1. We've never gone to the parade. We considered it this year, but decided not to because of the rain. We always go to the Provo parade, but you are right, it is pretty lame. We're going this year so we'll let you know if it gets any better... Did they light the fireworks? We didn't even go to see. So sad.

  2. Ah, yet another of the gazillion reasons I miss Orem...

  3. I am so jealous! Rexburg has a rockin' 4th of july parade and we're going to miss it! And I'm not even going to think about going to D.C. Crowds of people, traffic and okay fireworks. We're driving to Palmyra for the 4th weekend and going to the sacred grove & Niagra Falls! But I would give it all up for a good parade!

  4. yes, they did the fireworks. It started raining right as the parade ended and stopped before fireworks

  5. Thanks for the parade info!