June 28, 2009

The Good Report

1. Jeff's oxygen masked arrived for his sleep apnea. Let's hope he feels rested soon because our life is in serious shambles.
2. Our insurance pays for most. Seriously I am grateful every day for great health insurance.
3. My sis gave L a little scooter she loves to ride in the driveway.
4. All my peeps will be arrive this week for an early start to the reunion.
5. L's dance moves. So adorable.
6. L got the pukes again BUT luckily it only lasted one day this time (instead of nine)
7. No one else got the pukes.
8. Also, L never got pink eye from the cousins. I can't believe it.
9. Chance spotting of $1.50 wrapping paper at local scrapbook store. It's printed with flag banners. I've never seen anything so cute.
10. Gradually restocking pantry before baby comes.
11. Hubs stayed home with L and I went to a movie by myself. My favorite thing! I saw "The Proposal". It was hilarious.
12. We have unbelievably small amounts of garbage since curbside recycling came to town.
13. Conquered a fear....taking L to the pool by myself. I have a major fear of her drowning when I'm not looking.
14. Jeffy got home early on Friday night. A miracle.


  1. I'm so glad to hear The Proposal is good. I've been wanting to see that. I have never gone to the movies by myself. I think I want to try it...

  2. Thats a nice list of good things. I think a lot of people have been looking forward to independence day this year!! What a party!

  3. The Proposal does look really good. That's awesome that Jeff got off early on Friday. Those days are always the best!

  4. I'd like to see that too--but the PG-13 ratings always make me nervous.

  5. Yay for insurance. We lived w/o (for me) for half of our marriage. It sux big time when you don't have it. I actually have started not dreading going to the doctor. . . in some ways.

  6. And LOVE curbside recycling. We now only have 2 bags of trash each week: one from the kitchen and one of diapers. Then we have 2-3 tubs full of recyclables!