June 15, 2009

Let it be known....

Our life is not perfect.

But....I will never write about strained family relationships, humiliating moments, financial stresses, annoying neighbors, life disappointments, our useless and obnoxious HOA, or health problems here. Even though we have or had them. I use this blog to focus on what's lovely so I'm not totally overwhelmed by all the rest. I need this blog to focus on the lovely.

Where is this coming from you might wonder? Some of the daily blogs I like to browse. I can't take their perfectness anymore. I think I want to punch their perfectness in the face.


  1. That's funny Les, I totally agree, too many blogs out there make me gag... and there are too many.

    On your post below this one, I have to agree with you again. The 4th is one of my favorite holidays. The last 10 years or so, the Freedom Festival has slowly turned into what it is today... One gigantic corporate sell out. Everything that represents our independence has been replaced by the Jonas Brothers, real estate brokers driving their hummers, Hogi Yogi, Channel 5, Fox 13, Nu Skin, and so on. I guess who ever has the biggest buck gets a shiny spot in the parade. Blah. I refuse to be apart of Provo's advertising ploy.
    Want to see a true blue 4th of July parade that will have your heart swell with gratitude and eyes drip like a faucet? Get up to Idaho Falls. Oh and you can't beat their firework show either!

  2. glad to hear you're normal... re-read the sign on your wall... keep calm and carry on! love your guts!

  3. i. love. this. post. thank you. what a welcome back to the blogosphere. reminds me why i do it too.

  4. If you need a dose of reality, there is always my house--with crazy kids, dirty dishes, and lots of hoodlums doing shenanigans!

    I'm with you, let's see what your "real" life is like--not your "blog" life! C'mon bloggers, I dare ya!

  5. Amen...although I will write about my neighbors if they deserve to be written about! :) I like blogs that keep it real.

  6. well, i'm glad we have the same philosophy about our personal blog. Just remember: there's always a story, no matter how perfect their life may be.

    Hang in there!!