August 02, 2009

The Good Report {BFF Edition}

Our Canadian pals our in town all week. Here's the highlights from the last couple of days:

1. They introduced us to a great new burger joint. With yummy onion rings.
2. An afternoon at the pool.
3. Chatting it up and feeling like they never left.
4. They came bearing gifts. Tees for the girls. The good chocolate for me.
5. L likes to play with the kids.

Today it's crab leg dinner at our place followed by their family pics.

P.S. I need to make this.
And I stumbled across this blog. She designs windows for Anthropologie {sigh}


  1. I've got the best recipe for homemade onion rings if you want it. They are to DIE for!

  2. that wouldn't happen to be 5 guys? if not, let me know what burger joint. i loooove onion rings. ;)

  3. Annette, I would looooove that recipe.

    Lydia, definitely NOT 5 Guys. but we've been there and were entirely unimpressed by them. Nothing grand and very very overpriced. Don't bother.

  4. That's so fun to be able to spend time with old friends. Good times!

  5. Leslie, anytime you and Jeff get a itch for JCW's, give us a call. We would love to tag along.

    Amy showed me you blog. I hope you don't mind that I add you to my reading list. Your blog is so classy. You have designer's eye and a real talent for photography. I love that you post you pictures big. If I had any photo worth doing that to I would.

    Just wanted you to know that I'd be peeking into your world now and again.