September 27, 2009

The Good Report {Birth and Delivery Edition}

I'm feeling like it's kind of important for me to remember the good amidst all the trauma this week. So here goes....

1. I've never felt closer to Jeff.
2. Glad I got all those doctor appointments in before baby was born. dentist, dermatologist, and on and on....
3. My sister. There are no words.
4. Prayer. Lots of words. and floods of emotion.
5. A loving husband.
6. Making it to the hospital.
7. A healthy baby.
8. I was secretly hoping for a September baby.
9. The two days in the hospital were total bliss. Quiet. Peaceful. And relaxing. It was perfect.
10. (Physically) I feel ten times better than I did with L.
11. Breast feeding is also better than it was with L.
12. It's a very sweet time at our house.
13. Jeff is home with me for another entire week. Yes!

Baby needs a pair of these shoes


  1. That's a great list! I'm glad this experience has brought your family closer together! September birthdays are always good (I know we don't have many in our family...)

  2. Oh Leslie, she is beautiful. Congratulations to you and Jeff. I hope we get to see her soon in the flesh. I'm sorry about the postpartum stuff. I'm the expert so if you need anyone to talk to, please call me. At least I can relate and empathize.
    Again, congratulations. Love the name too.

  3. congrats leslie on a healthy and happy baby.

  4. Oooh, I had a pair of booties similar to those when I had Jacqui. I put them on her more than socks b/c they stayed on so well. Let's face it, sockies just don't stay on little baby's feet!

  5. You must be feeling good if you're blogging! :)

  6. Congratulations! Gee, I was at mom's over the weekend and noone said anything about Megan arriving. What's happened to the Johnson gossip line. Love the name!
    She's beautiful! Hope you survive the postpartum stuff. Tiffany