September 13, 2009

The Good Report

1. I finally found a white cake stand for the right price. $10 at Target. It was in the Thanksgiving section if you want to grab your own.
(glad I didn't buy these)
2. Canadian pals were back in town.
3. Fresh haircut.
4. Nice chatting it up with my VT partner during that haircut.
5. L no longer has bangs hanging in eyes. Thanks to same VT partner.
6. Getting your hair cut a block away from home is quite nice.
7. Alka-seltzer rules! Oh, how happy I am I got over my fear of that chalky mix....because my nightly heartburn was gone within minutes.
8. A friend loaned me some maternity clothes for these last few weeks.
9. Finished sewing a baby gift for another friend. A major accomplishment at this point in pregnancy.
10. Took all those piles of crap to D.I.
11. My favorite eye cream was finally in stock at local dept. store.
12. Dinner out as a family Saturday night. New place. Perfect summer night. Letting L roam the sidewalks of downtown.
13. Chicken for less than 99 cents a pound at grocery store. Stocking the freezer is awesome.
14. Husband who always says, "it's okay if you need to be grouchy". Which happens a lot lately.
15. An OB who is excited even when I'm not.
16. Some new accessories I'm hoping will help me feel slightly less schlumpy dumpy.

P.S. Fabric lunch bags rule!


  1. Thats a nice list of good reports! All those things could definitely lift the spirits of any almost term pregnant woman!

  2. Getting your hair cut a block away is the best!

  3. A few questions...which department store carried your eye cream? And where did you get chicken for less than 99 cents a pound?

    Love these good report. Thanks for the tip about the cake stand. I've been wanting one for a long time.

  4. Wow!! Now that IS a deal on chicken! Where'd you find it and is it still on sale?

  5. I love haircuts! Especially when you don't have to go to a salon to have them done. :)

  6. Jeff is a keeper, too. (like Matt) :-) That was my favorite of your favorites.