October 25, 2009

Ode to the paci

Yesterday morning the paci bought me an extra hour of sleep. That one hour felt like ten. Thank you to the inventor of this little lovely.

this totally cracks me up because its as big as her face

P.S. The experience of baby #2 is so much easier than the first. For me the first was filled with a lot of fear, but this time around I knew I could do it. I knew what to expect. I know she will eventually fall asleep, stop crying, and that tomorrow a whole year will have already passed. So I'm enjoying the newborn phase much much more. And that is a great feeling.


  1. Oh how precious....We call the paci a plug in this hosue :P..It has always been a lifesaver. yay for a little more sleep.

  2. I'm jealous - Marianne would never have anything to do with a binky! It's good to hear that the second is easier than the first in some ways. :) Does she look a lot like L did as a newborn?

  3. Taylor has the exact same paci and she loves it - nothing else will do for her!

  4. she's gorgeous and that paci was our very. best. friend.

  5. Oh man, thanks for that! My wife is pregnant with #2 and I've been sort of freaking out thinking we just might die. I hope I have the same experience of less anxiety than last time--I could hardly sleep!