November 19, 2009

All in a day....

I love to be productive. It feels so great. Especially after a long hiatus of not being productive. Pregnancy does a number on me and one of the reasons I hate it so much is because it slows me down. Waaaaaay down. I don't do anything but sleep and eat. No fun. No work. Just the bare minimum from me. But I feel like I'm back to myself and I'm rockin' the house. Today started with.....

5AM feeding.
Back to sleep until hubby wakes for work at 7AM
Another feeding
Make bed
Change girls into clean clothes
Breakfast for Lauren
Start prep for canning refried beans
Then I eat breakfast
Beans are cooking.
Another feeding
And now I'm cruising my favorite blogs. I've got twenty minutes to fill my mind with visual loveliness. I'm on it. Then another batch of refried beans.
Next up....lunch. I'm hungry. And it's only 11AM



  1. oh! tell me about canning refried beans because i make really yummy pintos that i puree for burritos, but i would LOVE canning them. How to?