November 01, 2009

The Good Report

1. Major, major breakthrough with brushing L's teeth this week. The freak-outs have been drastically reduced and she is cooperating after many weeks of nightmarish bedtime routine.
2. Feeling very grateful for all our family members who made the trip for this weekend.
3. Cold, cold and more cold weather. Oh yeah!
4. Started sewing a few Sailboat tops for L. Oh. My. Goodness. Can't wait to show the results.
5. A successful shopping trip with sister-in-law.


  1. Thats a cute pattern for tops. Its nice to have a smooth bed time routine. Sometimes we accomplish that, sometimes we dont.

  2. Good list! I'm glad that bedtime routine went slightly better!

  3. Hey Leslie - it's Mindy. Your baby is beautiful and still looks so small! I hear you beat me in having our babies. Hope all is going well. Keep in touch.