December 30, 2009

All to myself

This one...she is tricky. Nothing at all like the first. And most days I feel like I'm done. I'm so done! Last night I declared, "I'm not having another". She is unpredictable and after three months I still haven't figured out any surefire ways to comfort her. Which makes me feel like total crap as a mom and that I'm not meeting her needs.

L is napping right now. Which is good. M and I have been playing. We needed a little time together. Peaceful time together. Because yesterday was ugly. I was not a good mom. Today I am giving it my all and trying to forgive myself for yesterday. The day I tried to pretend I wasn't a mom. Which did not go well.

So to my little M, let's be friends. And have more happy times.


  1. oh man. the bad days are the pits! I'm not exactly looking forward to the bad days with two... just saying. you'll get your groove mama. I'm sure the little peace time you had today with M helped.

  2. I said those very same things to myself and my three "ladies" yesterday and today. I hope I/they survive Christmas break.

    It's a good thing they're cute.

  3. Three months out from a baby birth is still a rough time. and yeah, i had one of those days on monday. times 4. that's why i took off impulsively to UT for an overnighter. sorry we didn't see u, btw. i only made it as far as Am. Fork and then had to be back here by 4pm. and one on one time ALWAYS helps, no matter the age.

  4. well, it is a full moon tomorrow night. taylor has been in a fit least yours is sleeping through the night!

  5. Not only is it a full moon, but a BLUE MOON (as in "once in a blue moon") Just send her to my house!!! I'll let you have a break...