December 06, 2009

The Good Report

1. More nights of sleep. Go, baby, go!
2. L looking to her dad for comfort (this is huge). She even cries when he leaves the house. Not exactly fun for me, but I'm thrilled about the signs of attachment.
3. Quiet nights by the Christmas tree lights.
4. A very good/needed chat with my mom. She rules.
5. L cheering up her grouchy dad after his very long day.
6. Found cheap Christmas card alternate after printing wrong size photo.
7. Someone on the hubs route sent him home with a box full of Smashbox products for me. Yipee!! I'm most excited about this and this.
8. I'm done decorating the house for Christmas. Now. ...relax.
9. Happened upon a $20 knock-off of these. I'm in shoe heaven!
10. The mall playground. Great for our cabin fever.
11. My sister's kids. Great for our cabin fever.

When all my dreams come true I'm moving to Sweden. Why? Because these are my people. Just take a lookie at this Swede. Note to self: next house....all white with pops of color everywhere. MMMMhmmmm. and those white floors. True love.


  1. I love Christmas decorations! Nothing better than relaxing by the lit tree!

  2. I love shoe heaven! I love Smashbox too. You're lucky!

  3. Totally jealous of the sleep your getting right about now. But I too am loving the Christmas lights.

  4. Seriously?!?! Jeff has some rockin' peeps on his route!

  5. Glad this week is going better than last! :) It's good to hear that L gives her daddy some love... Marianne is the same way I think, very much a mama's girl, so that gives me hope!

  6. wow - you are lucky to get a box of makeup and shoes - awesome!smete