December 03, 2009

Feeling feisty/frustrated

This is cracking me up today. Especially because I own the original version.

What makes me want to throw stuff this morning?
1. L repeating "I want Kaija" 9 million times.
2. Not being able to do whatever I want. whenever I want.
3. Garage door still opening for no reason.
4. Messy house.
5. Bills.
6. Christmas pressure.
7. Unfinished projects lurking.
8. How about everything.
9. More experienced moms knowing exactly what my baby needs when I can't figure it out. Or too tired to figure it out. (Ok, that's partly a good thing, but also annoying)
10. My jeans are really really tight.

Actually throwing stuff. Not lovely.

Now Read this . My sister forwarded it to me and I laughed out loud. Join me in a collective "Screw you, Martha" shout. (I'd like to add Oprah in there too. Because she just makes me feel totally pathetic for not knowing my purpose, living my dreams, blah, blah, blah).


{next week: something a little bit more upbeat. A few photos from Thanksgiving and the house decorated for Christmas.}


  1. Enjoyed the blog article---I pick and choose what I listen to from both Martha and Oprah.

  2. I knew you'd love the Martha post! And, yes, please add Oprah in the "These people don't live normal lives" category. They can both shove their "perfect-ness"!

  3. I have the original version, too. Maybe I need the new version for upstairs! I stopped watching Martha Stewart years ago because she seems so snobby. Good luck with everything!

  4. I like that sign. That's awesome! I can't wait to see your photos!

  5. Oh yes, Oprah too. How DID she get so rich and famous? What the heck does she actually DO?

  6. Well, at least you have decided to decorate for Christmas! I'm not doing that...I figured if I had a few hours to decorate, I'd rather snuggle with baby (who isn't sleeping more than 4 or 5 hours at a time - you are so lucky!)

  7. Life does get frustrating especially with kids. Endure to the end I guess about sums it up for me. I liked the Martha article too. I get a kick out of watching her maybe a few times a year just because half the stuff I see her do, I see her do badly! She may be the face of a proclaimed homemaker, but for me she is more the face of a celebrity quickly cramming a few minutes before her show on how to make donuts or something else ridiculous that no one actually does. Id also like to add Paula Dean to that list. Too much energy, not enough reality.

  8. Yes I understand fiesty mood days all too well..... Okay, about the mysterious garage door opening. We had the same problem with one of our garage doors at our old house. We even had it happen when we were in Hawaii for Christmas and it was below zero. Lovely! Our pipes almost froze up but luckily a member neighbor noticed it was open! Crazy! Turns out someone on our street had a garage door opener that was set to the same code as ours so every time they would open their garage it would open ours too. First we unplugged the garage door 'til we figured it out. If you have the directions for your garage door opener then you can reset the code to be different. Sometimes all it takes is holding a button down on the actual motor. Hope that helps!

  9. thanks for sharing that print! Just went and bought one! Good luck with your list! Mine is about as long

  10. I have way too many of those days way too often. Finally getting the Christmas tree up is definitely helping my spirits though! And I'm with on your Oprah and Martha sentiments!

  11. So hilarious!!! I just ordered the original, but I think I'm going to have to get this one, too.

  12. You just voiced the feelings of every mom! It DEFINITELY has its ups... and DOWNS!

  13. i am so with you...and my jeans are tight too!