December 12, 2009

The Toy Nazi

Anyone want to share their favorite toys for girls? Something your own kids never get bored with? L needs entertaining in a major way, but I hate buying stuff she won't play with. And our space is limited so I'm not going to buy just to buy and have her play with it for two hours never to be seen again.

Yeah, I'm the toy Nazi.


  1. My kids loved the dolls. Except Annette, she was into books, cars, GI Jo and her stick horse. Little plastic dishes and utencils and play food is always good. A play house over a card table is also great and my kids liked a cassette player with tapes--convert that into modern electronics.

  2. Yo Jo!

    The play dishes at IKEA are great as is the play food at Target. They also have a cute shopping cart. Santa brought a wooden kitchen one year and its play value continues still, almost five years later. Sometimes they have them at Costco.

    My girls also love the Fisher Price Sweet Streets houses and people. We've had them for almost three years. I think they've been renamed since I bought them, but they have several different houses, schools, hospitals, movie theaters, etc. The people are about 3 inches tall. I think they're adorable.

  3. I'm pretty particular about toys too. Here are some things that are always played with here: Any kind of block, musical instruments, dress-up clothes (Ally pretty much spends all day in dress-up clothes), our play kitchen and the food/dishes that go with it, baby dolls and little cribs. There are several versions of this tea set
    out there, I just saw two different sets at Target tonight for like $15 that my kids love. We have a pink/purple princess set and they really like it. I like it because all the pieces fit back in the tea pot for storage.
    We have had a lot of the Fisher-Price Little People stuff in the past, but honestly, my kids have only ever really liked the bus. I have more ideas if you need them!

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  5. I loved love loved these books as a child: "The Digging-est Dog" by Al Perkins, "Thidwick the Big Hearted Moose" and "I Had Trouble Getting to Solla Sollew" both by Dr. Seuss. Classics. All on Amazon. I'm getting the first one for M this year. I seriously wanted them read to me every single day, and kids never outgrow books.

  6. So I just fixed all your comments from Jared that were really from me. :) I think I'm signed in when he is all the time and it's really annoying!