January 03, 2010

The Good Report

1. A short work week for the hubs.
2. A great article: Film v. Digital
3. Dreaming of spring-like updates for the house.
4. The hub's cat like reflexes saved him from getting legs crushed by crazy driver (who was backing up without looking).
5. Added this plate to my collection. Thanks, after Christmas sale!
6. L is including please and "welcome" (your welcome) in her conversations.
7. Major improvements in breast feeding. M has learned to focus.
8. Late night chatting with the hubs. He is a GREAT listener.
9. The hubs rigged broken digital camera so we could download pics.
10. Someone told me I smelled nice while out running errands. which made me feel great. (thanks to new perfume from hubby)
11. Alone time browsing lovely home goods at Alice Lane. And a pillow priced at an amusing $715 (not a typo).
12. Jeff picked out a great documentary. It might get loud.
13. Jeff cleaned under our bed.
14. L put a corn flake in M's mouth when I wasn't looking. And she DID NOT choke to death.
15. My sister helped me start cutting for the zig zag quilt. And donated some of her own fabric.

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