January 31, 2010

The Good Report

1. L lis the only one I know who still giggles while she's sick. Her laugh is the most glorious sound.
2. This recipe was a hit.
3. Looks like my walls were trendy back in 2008
4. Our wardrobe is coming together quite nicely for family photos. This arrived for L. It's pure cuteness! (so this is out. no longer in the running.)
Can't wait. Anyone want to share a great location? I'm still stumped.
5. L started saying M's name.
6. L surprised me when she devoured the edamame I offered for a snack.
7. The hubs taking care of me while I'm sick. Now I'm taking care of him. Ah, true love.
8. Early birthday celebrating and getting a few items from my wish list.
9. My dishes and dishwasher have finally recovered from the damage caused by generic soap.
10. For some reason L has stopped crying when put to bed at night. It's so nice.
11. and baby M started sleeping through the night again after a way too long interruption.

1 comment:

  1. I remember feeling like a new kind of mom when all my kids were sleeping through the night! Now they're waking up with bad dreams so looks like we're starting over.