January 16, 2010

Planning stages

I'm not sure what I like more.....family photos or planning the family photos. We're going casual and neutral this year. As usual I like to start with MY outfit and work everyone else around it. It's much easier that way. Here's what I've been thinking:

JCrew shirt (now sold out). ***I seriously hope this fits my unpredictable body upon arrival since I bought it on final clearance and it cannot be returned. Please, please, please fit.

GAP scarf

and some sort of skinny jean. But that's iffy since I haven't worn skinny jeans since before L was born. It could be scary. We'll see after trying them on.

check these out for $9.50!

And now I'm on the hunt for the right location. Possibly the wooden palettes (right next to cherry boxes).

And then I'm thinking something like this for L, but not this because it's too much $$$

or this from Old Navy would be cute with some sparkly shoes

And possibly something like this for M

I'm pretty sure I already have a denim jumper from L's younger days.

Hmmm....on second thought maybe we need some pops of yellow.


  1. Cute clothes! I love that jumper - where did you find it?

  2. Whitney, the jumper is baby Gap.


  3. I think I need to have you plan our outfits for family pics. I agonized over it and then wasn't happy with it in the end cause I couldn't find anything I was crazy about... I love your choices though and going casual is a fantastic idea! :)

  4. Great choices. I hate clothes shopping for myself, but there are so many cute things for little girls and boys!

  5. Your family photos are going to be so cute! Those outfit choices are awesome!

  6. I'm pretty sure the skinny jean will be something that never enters my life. I simply do NOT have the body for them!

    I can't wait to see your family photos. I'm sure they will be incredible! Next time we have a family photo taken I'll be calling you for some ideas.

  7. CUTE! I cannot wait to see your family pictures!

  8. Can't wait to see them either! The clothing selection is stressful for me, but the most stressful thing is finding a photographer. The pictures don't usually turn out how I invisioned but then again it could be the subject matter. I wish we lived closer. Your photo shoots are always beautiful. Tiffany