February 28, 2010

Down in the Schlumps {I lost my lovely}

I've been thinking about my former self. I used to have a great wardrobe. I felt lovely and had appropriate clothes. But those clothes are now outdated, too small, or just completely impractical for daily life. I want to reinvent for this current phase. To feel lovely again. There are days I never leave the house and I think sometimes it's because I don't have anything to wear.

My new wardrobe needs to be poop, puke, and toddler proof. Unfussy. Machine washable. Easy to bend, sit, wrestle. I'm thinking jeans & t-shirt, but with something special. A pretty flat. Embellished tee. Throw on a scarf. Great pair of earrings. Cheerful colors. Something more than what I am doing. Cuz I look bad. And boring, and old, and tired most of the time. Which makes me feel boring, old, and tired. I think I'm way too young to look old.

I think this is a great way to get started.

Urban Outfitters

The Good Report {Visual Loveliness Edition}

photo by Sharon Montrose

1. Can't get this image out of my head or off my wish list. I'm slowly sprucing up the basement and I want this for my photo wall.
2. My new favorite photographer. Simply beautiful. Her photos of kids!....there are no words. Inspired me about my daily life series. Her work reminded me why I liked photography in the first place.
(Spend some time on her website. It's worth it.)
3. Little girls' clothes
4. Country Living's House Tours. (a fave)

February 26, 2010

A lot like our family {my favorite commercial}

THIS gets me every time. Maybe it's because whenever Jeff suggests a mini van for our next car my skin still crawls.

THIS is a close second.

Little stripes and a sleeping beauty

February 25, 2010

February 21, 2010

The Good Report

1. Finished the zig zag quilt top. Now, it's on to all that quilting.
2. Got some much needed alone time. One hour at the fabric store is total perfection.
3. I kept my cool (outwardly) when I discovered L had etched the screen of our TV with something sharp. Unbelievable. I've never been so mad.
4. Feels great to finish some lingering sewing projects in the pile (told myself I couldn't cut out anything new until the whole pile is complete....there is a lot).
5. Saved a ton on second round of price matching.
6. Laughed so hard I almost wet myself when Jeff followed me around the grocery store with an electric shopping cart.
7. Garage door is no longer mysteriously opening after hubs got neighbors to reprogram theirs.
8. 16 pints of chilli.
9. One bubble dress complete. Need to take some pics next.
10. Some more daily life pics.
11. M is rolling over.

February 15, 2010

What's Hangin'

This week is Alisha Stamper.
Here's what she says about what's on her walls:

This is a handpainted little beauty I was given from my favorite piano teacher. It has animals on it and is just generally lovely. Its supposed to be a little serving platter for cheese cubes or something, but come on, like I'm going to use it for THAT! (well, maybe sometimes... but then I clean it and hang it back up.)

My husband bought these for me for my birthday last year. I had seen on a few design blogs where people would hang plates of varied hues or all white in their dining rooms and I really liked the idea. I already have LOTS of pictures on my walls in a helter-skelter fashion, so the simpleness of this treatment appeals to me.

This a series I did in college purely because I like color studies (and admire Rothko) but am not a painter. I STILL HAD those coloraid papers you have to buy for the freshman color theory class at BYU, so I put them to good use by doing polaroid emulsion lifts. There are 7 in the series. I only had 7 sheets left once I realized this is what I wanted to do, so it is also a reminder to me that I can "sometimes" work under pressure and have results that I am very happy with. I knew when I made them they would be in my child's room and that is exactly where they are.

a "new" twist on an old idea. These are some images from my wedding with the vinyl lettering on glass. I'm really glad it ISN'T on wood, and ISN'T in the font "papyrus". It isn't something I probably would have made on my own, but its kinda nice to have and pretty sentimental, I guess. Its in our room instead of the living room for a specific reason-- I just am not a big fan of "acceptable" art that is religious, and this kinda fits in that genre for me. There are reality shows, etc, where they'll show a person's home, and you KNOW they are LDS because of something on their walls. For me, personally, as an artist, I need my art to MEAN something to me for it not to become fodder on my walls. So I TRY to keep it pretty limited.

Our place is double the space of our first apartment, but it lacks the natural light I loved so much there. Having a big mirror has really helped light up this room (its approx. 50" or so). It also helps me fee like an adult somehow, like ADULTS have large things (art/mirrors, etc), hanging above their couches. I completely admit my neuroses.

The art wall. maybe its that I really like sense&sensibility and that whole era of LOTS of paintings of various sizes on the walls, but in a book I read it said that having things on your walls proved that you weren't poor back in that time. So having art, and extremely adorned walls was a sign of a cultured and well-established life. My poor husband thinks it is still pretty college co-edy of me, but thankfully has accepted it. These pieces are half by myself and half by other artists. The ones by me are all significant to me: the first time I disappeared in a crowd while photographing, a piece from my BFA show, one of my college admission portfolio images and the first piece I was praised on while in school. Also, the painting is the first piece of art I ever bought. Sometime in my life I want to collect art... so it reminds me of that.

February 14, 2010

The Good Report

1. L started saying, "I love you."
2. We survived the death of our water heater during the puke outbreak.
3. Bro-in-law and hubs saved us lots of money installing new water heater themselves.
4. New water heater was much cheaper than I expected.
5. Baby was spared from the puke outbreak.
6. I think I handled my crazy class well during a particularly obnoxious Sunday.
7. Catching up with one of my favorite peeps. And she's getting married!
8. Another recipe that was a hit.
9. Started price matching at Walmart. It just may be my favorite thing ever.
10. Some epiphanies over the last couple of weeks. Maybe I'll blog about it. But probably not.
11. L was able to fall asleep at nap time without her beloved blankie. (it was in the wash).
12. Quilt sewing. (It's going to be a stunner!)
13. Best fries ever. The dip is so good too.
14. Sade has a new album. **sigh** Love, love, love every thing she sings.
15. The Olympics.
16. A Valentine surprise from Jeff. Too big to share. I was very surprised and very embarrassed.
17. L tries to sing with me during her bedtime routine. I'm deeply smitten right now.
18. Must be getting used to baby's temperament because we are getting along much nicer these days.

Check out the Coolest dad. Ever!

February 08, 2010

What's Hangin'

Next up, Christine Olson.

Here's what Christine said about what she has hanging:

Canvas Wraps: These four photographs are of photographs I took while in Costa Rica on my honeymoon March 2009. When Paul (my husband) and I returned I had Paul choose his four favorite for this project of mine and these are the four he chose. When you walk into my apartment you immediately see these 12"x12" gallery wraps and it's a really nice addition of color to the stark white walls. You can't tell in B&W but the colors are very vibrant. There is a near neon-green window, bright pink flowers, a lovely bright brown horse, and green foliage from a hike we took.

This cork-board is a compilation of things that remind me of happy times. For example, I've got cards from friends, photographs of me with friends, ribbon from my wedding cake (the green and yellow), flowers I picked while walking with my husband, photographs of the day my husband and I got engaged (the photographs of our feet in the middle and one where Paul's holding a heart), ticket stubs from movies and theme parks, etc. This cork-board is my favorite thing in my house and it hangs above my computer, which I spend all day on.

These hang above Paul's desk. The top photograph is an artistic canvas print that I've nailed into some wood for a different effect. The Polaroid transfers are of various things around Chicago. None of these were taken by me, but a friend from school did all this and gave it to me as a gift.

These hollow metal striped pieces are from World Market and originally they hung in my laundry room in Santa Barbara where I lived for years. Now they add color above our kitchen carts and make me think of my time in SB.

This photograph of the LDS Los Angeles Temple was taken by me in March 2009 and it was truly the start of my photography career and the end of my schooling. It makes me think of how far I've come photographically.

This cluster of images (which has the intent to grow dramatically) was Paul's idea. This space is supposed to be where a washer goes but we don't have one so we have decided to make it a photo corner. Photographs from our wedding and photographs of friends and especially photographs with our new INSTAX instant film camera. The big photo in the top center is taken by the same friend of mine who did the Polaroid Transfers and the artistic canvas print on wood. It's of a girl at the Louvre, which France is my favorite place I've travelled.

This series of photographs are my favorites from my wedding. The girl who photographed my wedding shot all film so the 9 on the left are my favorites in sepia color, the middle 9 are my favorite in color, and the right 9 are my favorite in b&w. Our wedding day was amazing. Ceremony, followed by ice skating, followed by an unforgettable reception where my Mother wrote us a song and played it to us. It was very special to us.

This random three-some hangs above our TV (which I've maybe turned on twice) but it adds a little something to our stark walls. These photographs were taken by me on a Hasselblad with b&w film and are of an old friends neighborhood in Santa Barbara. I love walking around and photographing things that strike me whereas normally I'd be driving past. It really is a special thing to get out of the car, walk around and photograph the interesting things you find.

Well, that's my 2-bedroom apartment! It's tiny and absolutely ugly but it works for me!

Be sure to check out her blog. It's one of my daily reads.

February 07, 2010

At 33.....

Today is my bday. In lieu of "the good report" I'm posting this list about me which is an idea totally stolen from my sister.

1. Since becoming a SAHM I've realized how important my environment is to me.
2. I'm not a morning person. I have to ease into the day.
3. I failed my driver's license test the first time.
4. If it's not chocolate I feel it's a waste of time.
5. I can't go to sleep with a messy kitchen because I hate to wake up to dirty dishes.
6. Once a friend got pulled over for speeding in high school and I told the officer the wrong birthday because I was so nervous.
7. I consider myself a foodie.
8. But.....Cooked fruit grosses me out.
9. I have lots of regrets. And I hate when people say they don't have any regrets.
10. I feel like I was meant to have red hair.
11. I'm a recovering perfectionist.
12. I'm a recovering shy person.
13. I spend too much time looking at blogs.
14. I don't watch scary movies. Ever.
15. Having kids has brought out the best (and worst) in me.
16. I love being married.
17. I was never sentimental about objects or moments until I had kids.
18. I love my blue eyes.
19. The ocean freaks me out.
20. I'm an escapist movie go-er. I don't want to think deeply or cry.
21. My least favorite physical characteristic: my posture. my very bad posture.
22. My favorite color is red.
23. My love language is verbal affirmation. Which means I apply way too much meaning to compliments. I can go for weeks on one lovely sentence.
24. I sometimes drink directly from the milk jug.
25. I want to collect beautiful dishes, but no room at the inn.
26. I want to collect modern chairs, but no room at the inn.
27. I pretty much can't stand celebrities.
28. I like being anonymous.
29. I married my opposite.
30. I dream of getting paid lots and lots of money to do creative things.
31. I think Twitter is really, really dumb.
32. I cry easily.
33. I love surprises.

February 06, 2010

Daily Life: newborn screams

it's as loud and as piercing as it looks.

February 05, 2010

Valentine preview

here's a sneak peek of the props I used for some photos I did with the girls....

February 03, 2010

Daily Life: Lunchtime

More thoughts

{quote via here}

Daily Life: Nap Time

For you technical geeks:
1/15 of a second while balancing on tiny kid chair. I had my doubts, but it looks like I'm super steady. Go me!

Seconds later, L woke up. Making for a loooooong afternoon. Because a nap interrupted is much worse than no nap at all.

Daily life, folks. Daily life.

February 02, 2010

Portraits of K

My niece.

She just turned a very important age. Otherwise known as eight years old.

I pretty much love everything about this photo.

The little girls would not leave us alone. Not surprising. So we appeased them with one shot.

February 01, 2010

What's Hangin'

Remember way back when I had a few photo pals send me some photos of what art they hung on their walls? Well, I rounded up a few more. This one is from my old pal, Alli (school days). Here's what she had to say.

1.Long before having kids I took a portrait of my mine and my husband’s feet. Now we take pictures every year with our kid’s feet too. I call them “Family Footographs.” I hope to do this as long as there are kids in our home until the year comes that we are back to just me and my husbands feet again. Then I want to put the collection of images into a coffee table book just for our home. Anyways, the first image of just our feet I have hanging in our bedroom. It reminds me that our marriage is always the priority in our family.

2.In our entry I framed a photograph of Christ. What I love about this is that I juxtaposed all our small family photographs below it so that can we remember who’s influence we strive to have in our family.

3.I wanted some sentimental art to hang in our kids playroom so I had my 2 year old son sit on the floor with a large sketch pad and some charcoal. This is what he came up with and I love it! People pay big bucks for this stuff right?!

4.I hang a lot of art from my fellow photography buddies that I traded with before leaving BYU. I don’t tend to like seeing my own art hanging everywhere, but there is one exception. This is a picture I took at the salt flats in UT and it’s the only picture I've taken that I never get sick of. I affectionately refer to it as “umbrella head”.

Thanks, Alli!

And P.S......I'm pretty much dying over the idea of her two year old's art work.

{Any other photogs willing to share what's hanging on their walls? Contact me through comments.}