February 07, 2010

At 33.....

Today is my bday. In lieu of "the good report" I'm posting this list about me which is an idea totally stolen from my sister.

1. Since becoming a SAHM I've realized how important my environment is to me.
2. I'm not a morning person. I have to ease into the day.
3. I failed my driver's license test the first time.
4. If it's not chocolate I feel it's a waste of time.
5. I can't go to sleep with a messy kitchen because I hate to wake up to dirty dishes.
6. Once a friend got pulled over for speeding in high school and I told the officer the wrong birthday because I was so nervous.
7. I consider myself a foodie.
8. But.....Cooked fruit grosses me out.
9. I have lots of regrets. And I hate when people say they don't have any regrets.
10. I feel like I was meant to have red hair.
11. I'm a recovering perfectionist.
12. I'm a recovering shy person.
13. I spend too much time looking at blogs.
14. I don't watch scary movies. Ever.
15. Having kids has brought out the best (and worst) in me.
16. I love being married.
17. I was never sentimental about objects or moments until I had kids.
18. I love my blue eyes.
19. The ocean freaks me out.
20. I'm an escapist movie go-er. I don't want to think deeply or cry.
21. My least favorite physical characteristic: my posture. my very bad posture.
22. My favorite color is red.
23. My love language is verbal affirmation. Which means I apply way too much meaning to compliments. I can go for weeks on one lovely sentence.
24. I sometimes drink directly from the milk jug.
25. I want to collect beautiful dishes, but no room at the inn.
26. I want to collect modern chairs, but no room at the inn.
27. I pretty much can't stand celebrities.
28. I like being anonymous.
29. I married my opposite.
30. I dream of getting paid lots and lots of money to do creative things.
31. I think Twitter is really, really dumb.
32. I cry easily.
33. I love surprises.


  1. Happy Birthday Leslie! It was fun to learn some facts about you...I have a few very similar! Hope your day is fabulous!

  2. Happy Birthday! Make sure to take time to enjoy it because everyone deserves that on their birthday. Good list too. I feel like I know you a little better!

  3. Happy 33rd Birthday!

    I also think cooked fruit is an abomination. I'm always peeved when someone tries to pass off some cooked fruit variety as dessert. Dessert is cakes and cookies make with chocolate and the like. Fruit is a side dish.

  4. Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you and your blog for the "Sunshine Award." You can read more about it on my blog, Beth Stone Studio at this link:


    I'm enjoying your posts! Have a great day!

  5. Happy birthday! I think Twitter is really, really dumb, too.

  6. hi leslie, i've been a silent admirer of your blog for quite some time, but i think now would be a good time to officially say "hi" and "happy birthday!" also, bad posture is the silent killer. not really, but i can't stand mine, either.

  7. Les, I really enjoy reading your blog. It is the epitomy of visual loveliness. I come here to see beauty in simplicity. In fact, I often see images that could easily be in a real simple magazine. You are so talented! I hope you had a wonderful b-day!

  8. What a great list! 33 was a good year for me. Happy Birthday!

  9. What a fun thing to do on your birthday! I think I might steal your sister's idea too.

    So many of the things on your list we have in common, my favorite...I HATE cooked fruit too! Can't stand it.

    Very nice list. Happy Birthday!

  10. I thought you pulled off red hair really well! I guess it was more strawberry blonde when I saw you. I canNOT watch scary movies either. I get nightmares from watching old Twilight Zones. So fun to learn more about you. :)