February 28, 2010

The Good Report {Visual Loveliness Edition}

photo by Sharon Montrose

1. Can't get this image out of my head or off my wish list. I'm slowly sprucing up the basement and I want this for my photo wall.
2. My new favorite photographer. Simply beautiful. Her photos of kids!....there are no words. Inspired me about my daily life series. Her work reminded me why I liked photography in the first place.
(Spend some time on her website. It's worth it.)
3. Little girls' clothes
4. Country Living's House Tours. (a fave)


  1. Thanks for introducing me to the house tours!! I'm not sure why that photograph makes me laugh but there's something about cows that is just funny.

  2. I spent some time on the photographer's website. I was worth it. She's very good. Thanks for sharing.