February 14, 2010

The Good Report

1. L started saying, "I love you."
2. We survived the death of our water heater during the puke outbreak.
3. Bro-in-law and hubs saved us lots of money installing new water heater themselves.
4. New water heater was much cheaper than I expected.
5. Baby was spared from the puke outbreak.
6. I think I handled my crazy class well during a particularly obnoxious Sunday.
7. Catching up with one of my favorite peeps. And she's getting married!
8. Another recipe that was a hit.
9. Started price matching at Walmart. It just may be my favorite thing ever.
10. Some epiphanies over the last couple of weeks. Maybe I'll blog about it. But probably not.
11. L was able to fall asleep at nap time without her beloved blankie. (it was in the wash).
12. Quilt sewing. (It's going to be a stunner!)
13. Best fries ever. The dip is so good too.
14. Sade has a new album. **sigh** Love, love, love every thing she sings.
15. The Olympics.
16. A Valentine surprise from Jeff. Too big to share. I was very surprised and very embarrassed.
17. L tries to sing with me during her bedtime routine. I'm deeply smitten right now.
18. Must be getting used to baby's temperament because we are getting along much nicer these days.

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  1. Great report, and I love the coolest dad ever link. That guy is amazing!