February 01, 2010

What's Hangin'

Remember way back when I had a few photo pals send me some photos of what art they hung on their walls? Well, I rounded up a few more. This one is from my old pal, Alli (school days). Here's what she had to say.

1.Long before having kids I took a portrait of my mine and my husband’s feet. Now we take pictures every year with our kid’s feet too. I call them “Family Footographs.” I hope to do this as long as there are kids in our home until the year comes that we are back to just me and my husbands feet again. Then I want to put the collection of images into a coffee table book just for our home. Anyways, the first image of just our feet I have hanging in our bedroom. It reminds me that our marriage is always the priority in our family.

2.In our entry I framed a photograph of Christ. What I love about this is that I juxtaposed all our small family photographs below it so that can we remember who’s influence we strive to have in our family.

3.I wanted some sentimental art to hang in our kids playroom so I had my 2 year old son sit on the floor with a large sketch pad and some charcoal. This is what he came up with and I love it! People pay big bucks for this stuff right?!

4.I hang a lot of art from my fellow photography buddies that I traded with before leaving BYU. I don’t tend to like seeing my own art hanging everywhere, but there is one exception. This is a picture I took at the salt flats in UT and it’s the only picture I've taken that I never get sick of. I affectionately refer to it as “umbrella head”.

Thanks, Alli!

And P.S......I'm pretty much dying over the idea of her two year old's art work.

{Any other photogs willing to share what's hanging on their walls? Contact me through comments.}


  1. Thank you for some great ideas! I love the kids' artwork and feet especially. If only I had cute feet...but I'm definitely hanging up more of my girls' pictures. Maybe in the library.

  2. All of that artwork is awesome! I love the idea of the feet. Definitely cool!

  3. Oh what talented photography friends! I love the umbrella head. Tiffany

  4. The salt flats bring back memories of Alli in her early days of photography. She is amazing!

  5. I love the photograph on the salt flats! beautiful!