February 08, 2010

What's Hangin'

Next up, Christine Olson.

Here's what Christine said about what she has hanging:

Canvas Wraps: These four photographs are of photographs I took while in Costa Rica on my honeymoon March 2009. When Paul (my husband) and I returned I had Paul choose his four favorite for this project of mine and these are the four he chose. When you walk into my apartment you immediately see these 12"x12" gallery wraps and it's a really nice addition of color to the stark white walls. You can't tell in B&W but the colors are very vibrant. There is a near neon-green window, bright pink flowers, a lovely bright brown horse, and green foliage from a hike we took.

This cork-board is a compilation of things that remind me of happy times. For example, I've got cards from friends, photographs of me with friends, ribbon from my wedding cake (the green and yellow), flowers I picked while walking with my husband, photographs of the day my husband and I got engaged (the photographs of our feet in the middle and one where Paul's holding a heart), ticket stubs from movies and theme parks, etc. This cork-board is my favorite thing in my house and it hangs above my computer, which I spend all day on.

These hang above Paul's desk. The top photograph is an artistic canvas print that I've nailed into some wood for a different effect. The Polaroid transfers are of various things around Chicago. None of these were taken by me, but a friend from school did all this and gave it to me as a gift.

These hollow metal striped pieces are from World Market and originally they hung in my laundry room in Santa Barbara where I lived for years. Now they add color above our kitchen carts and make me think of my time in SB.

This photograph of the LDS Los Angeles Temple was taken by me in March 2009 and it was truly the start of my photography career and the end of my schooling. It makes me think of how far I've come photographically.

This cluster of images (which has the intent to grow dramatically) was Paul's idea. This space is supposed to be where a washer goes but we don't have one so we have decided to make it a photo corner. Photographs from our wedding and photographs of friends and especially photographs with our new INSTAX instant film camera. The big photo in the top center is taken by the same friend of mine who did the Polaroid Transfers and the artistic canvas print on wood. It's of a girl at the Louvre, which France is my favorite place I've travelled.

This series of photographs are my favorites from my wedding. The girl who photographed my wedding shot all film so the 9 on the left are my favorites in sepia color, the middle 9 are my favorite in color, and the right 9 are my favorite in b&w. Our wedding day was amazing. Ceremony, followed by ice skating, followed by an unforgettable reception where my Mother wrote us a song and played it to us. It was very special to us.

This random three-some hangs above our TV (which I've maybe turned on twice) but it adds a little something to our stark walls. These photographs were taken by me on a Hasselblad with b&w film and are of an old friends neighborhood in Santa Barbara. I love walking around and photographing things that strike me whereas normally I'd be driving past. It really is a special thing to get out of the car, walk around and photograph the interesting things you find.

Well, that's my 2-bedroom apartment! It's tiny and absolutely ugly but it works for me!

Be sure to check out her blog. It's one of my daily reads.

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  1. That's so cool! I have great admiration for you creative people. Happy birthday by the way!