February 15, 2010

What's Hangin'

This week is Alisha Stamper.
Here's what she says about what's on her walls:

This is a handpainted little beauty I was given from my favorite piano teacher. It has animals on it and is just generally lovely. Its supposed to be a little serving platter for cheese cubes or something, but come on, like I'm going to use it for THAT! (well, maybe sometimes... but then I clean it and hang it back up.)

My husband bought these for me for my birthday last year. I had seen on a few design blogs where people would hang plates of varied hues or all white in their dining rooms and I really liked the idea. I already have LOTS of pictures on my walls in a helter-skelter fashion, so the simpleness of this treatment appeals to me.

This a series I did in college purely because I like color studies (and admire Rothko) but am not a painter. I STILL HAD those coloraid papers you have to buy for the freshman color theory class at BYU, so I put them to good use by doing polaroid emulsion lifts. There are 7 in the series. I only had 7 sheets left once I realized this is what I wanted to do, so it is also a reminder to me that I can "sometimes" work under pressure and have results that I am very happy with. I knew when I made them they would be in my child's room and that is exactly where they are.

a "new" twist on an old idea. These are some images from my wedding with the vinyl lettering on glass. I'm really glad it ISN'T on wood, and ISN'T in the font "papyrus". It isn't something I probably would have made on my own, but its kinda nice to have and pretty sentimental, I guess. Its in our room instead of the living room for a specific reason-- I just am not a big fan of "acceptable" art that is religious, and this kinda fits in that genre for me. There are reality shows, etc, where they'll show a person's home, and you KNOW they are LDS because of something on their walls. For me, personally, as an artist, I need my art to MEAN something to me for it not to become fodder on my walls. So I TRY to keep it pretty limited.

Our place is double the space of our first apartment, but it lacks the natural light I loved so much there. Having a big mirror has really helped light up this room (its approx. 50" or so). It also helps me fee like an adult somehow, like ADULTS have large things (art/mirrors, etc), hanging above their couches. I completely admit my neuroses.

The art wall. maybe its that I really like sense&sensibility and that whole era of LOTS of paintings of various sizes on the walls, but in a book I read it said that having things on your walls proved that you weren't poor back in that time. So having art, and extremely adorned walls was a sign of a cultured and well-established life. My poor husband thinks it is still pretty college co-edy of me, but thankfully has accepted it. These pieces are half by myself and half by other artists. The ones by me are all significant to me: the first time I disappeared in a crowd while photographing, a piece from my BFA show, one of my college admission portfolio images and the first piece I was praised on while in school. Also, the painting is the first piece of art I ever bought. Sometime in my life I want to collect art... so it reminds me of that.


  1. so strange to see my house here! haha! thanks, leslie!

  2. I want one of your friends to come and decorate my house! Those are awesome!

  3. I so wish I knew how to "design" my walls!

  4. That hand painted platter in the first picture is a lovely! Great idea for a kitchen!