March 15, 2010

Channelling Reese

I'm taking this little photo blog of mine on a detour for a while. Today I'm into gettin' myself lovely.

I've been drawn to the look of casual Reese Witherspoon. So simple. Exactly what I'm looking for.

I love me a great scarf. Always have. Already on my update list.

Scarf wish list:


Lands End Canvas

P.S. It's also about to get real motherly up in here. I'm prepping to potty train next week. Something I've been avoiding for a long time. (Wow, so much on my mind). Helping the girls adjust to sharing a room. Meal planning. Teaching/helping L clean up after herself (all day, every day). Her own spills. Her toy messes. All of it. And hoping some day it pays off. It's very important to me. And she's been cooking with me also. Hoping that also pays off in later years. But all of this means everything takes a lot more time. And I have to continually tell my perfectionist tendencies to be gone. They are so worthless in mothering.

Mental prep for next week: Be kind and patient and encouraging.


  1. I love Reese's style. I'm still trying to teach my kids to clean up after themselves. Clothes and dirty underwear on the bathroom floor are killing me! Good luck with the potty training.

  2. Reese is always cute. I love those outfits you posted of her wearing. And I love scarfs too. Good luck with the potty training. just think of your world with one less diaper wearer and maybe that will help with motivation.

  3. I love Reese Witherspoon too!! She's got the style I wish I had... I don't have much experience in the potty training department but my VT companion swears by a book call "Potty Training in Less Than a Day". Not sure how well it works but she's got 3 potty trained kids so I'd be willing to take her word for it...

  4. Reese is lovely.

    From my experience with potty training, the anticipation leading up to it is almost worse than actually taking the plunge. You can do it! Good luck!