March 07, 2010

The Good Report

1. A friend surprised me with this!!! One of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me.
2. Watched Coco before Chanel.
3. Finished the Playdate Dress. Take that lingering pile! (see my version HERE).
4. I'm really glad the Olympics are over so I can sleep.
5. Quilt is now assembled. Ready to quilt. Meaning, I just might make my Easter deadline.
6. Chilled Kit Kat dipped in peanut butter. Dee-lish.
7. Can I get an Amen! (followed by hysterical laughter)
8. Spring 2010 Oliver + S patterns revealed tomorrow.
9. Phillip Lim Kids Spring 2010.
10. Get more home inspiration on my new favorite website.
11. Chatting into the wee hours with the hubs. One of my favorite things.
12. More epiphanies about my life and overcoming some hang-ups.
13. Change of heart is a beautiful thing. Facilitated by #11, relating to #12.
14. My fat jeans are suddenly very loose fitting. Sweet.
15. Deleted all the blogs that make me feel like total crap from my daily read. Ah, much better now.


  1. I read the '10 deadly sins' just a few days ago. Very good! ;) And I will be spending more time on that home inspiration site. I'm in need of some!

  2. Should not have read this on a fast Sunday! Now all I can think about is a Kit Kat dipped in peanut butter! I have to try that!

  3. Great list. Sounds like a lot of good things happened this week. I liked that photo article too. Im trying to learn more about what makes a good photo and that article was really helpful. Cant wait to see the Oliver + S patterns too. Im looking for a good dress pattern for Abby for the summer!

  4. i really enjoyed this entire good report! ESPECIALLY, can I get an AMEN (because i bet its funny) and the "facilitated by 11, relating to 12". NICE. quite the wordsmith you are!

  5. I'm with Jennifer. Kit Kat and PB here I come!!

  6. A Kit Kat dipped in peanut butter! Can I get an AMEN for that! Yum. I love your good reports and all the links.

  7. love #16 - i just did that too!

    j ;)