March 28, 2010

The Good Report

1. Someone at church told me I exude style. Which made me feel incredible especially under current wardrobe conditions.
2. The hubs organized his part of the closet. Major purge. It looks like we now have about three items of clothing. Each.
3. Got some cash for unwanted baby/girls clothes at Kid to Kid.
4. Finally cleaned my stove which means no more house fires every time I cook.
5. Operation: "Ladies who Lunch" in full effect.
6. I've always wanted to do this very project. Some one beat me to it. Artists and their creative spaces. Spend some time.
7. Cut and color!!
8. The hubs surprised me with some cupcakes from here. Just because.
9. Yellow tulips on my kitchen table. A beautiful sight.

P.S. I'm really dragging me feet with this potty training biz.
Another scarf on my wish list. I like stripes. A lot.


  1. I'd have to agree. You do exude style and so does your house!!

  2. oh leslie, I can so relate to your post "sifting through the noise." blogs and I have a love/hate relationship. i too feel like they can be too much noise. your blog(s) however, are consistently beautiful. i hear ya!

  3. I'm seriously addicted to the lemon bars at The Chocolate. They are amazing! The cupcakes are pretty good too, not to mention the turtle brownies. YUM!

    p.s. I agree with the lady at church you are very stylish!

  4. wait on the potty training thing until you just can't wait anymore. I tried to train Price for a month and I was the one who was trained.