March 05, 2010


I came across this quote last night as I was organizing my recipes. Prepping to wow my taste buds next week.
I love this:

"Eating well gives spectacular joy to life and contributes immensely to good will and happy companionship."
--Elsa Schiaparelli, SHOCKING LIFE

Next week's new recipes:
Cream of Turkey and wild rice soup (from sis in law)

I'll let you know which ones are worth it.


  1. you should link some of your recipes to my recipes swap i'm having! could use some of your recipes to help reach 365!

  2. Wow!! Can I come eat at your house this week? My taste buds are bored and my cooking motivation is minimal...

  3. I'm with Tricia! Those recipes sound delicious! And that quote is a great one. It's always nice eating really good food!